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Review by: Yiping Lin, Yr 6


Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days

Author: Jeff Kinney


The main character is called Greg. Greg is quite a funny character and his best friend is called Rowley but sometimes he can be quite annoying. Reading this book makes me feel happy! Rowley thinks Greg’s family are rich because Greg had Christmas napkins!


Greg is telling the story and in this version, it’s the summer holidays and he likes to stay inside to play on his video games, but his mum has this ‘family togetherness’ He goes on holiday and has a sort of ‘good’ time with his family. But the only thing that bothers him is the ‘muddy hand’ and Sweetie the ‘cute’ dog.

My opinion

I really enjoyed reading the book. My favourite park was when Greg was in the town pool, and he tried to get noticed by Heather, a popular girl at school, and he got his mum to take a photo so he could impress his friends at school, but unfortunately Greg’s mum took a photo of him next to a REALLY hairy and ugly life guard! That was my favourite because it’s really funny.


I would DEFINITELY recommend this book, anyone who reads it WILL want to read more of Jeff Kinney’s amazing books!

My rating