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Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage learn best by playing so please take this opportunity to do lots of fun activities together. I know some of you have been baking cakes and biscuits, some have been painting and colouring, others have been playing in their gardens, some have been making dens inside the house and one family even had an indoor picnic party to celebrate a birthday. What fun! I also know some of you have been playing shops, learning how to count and add in a fun ways.  

It has been lovely talking to some of you during our 'well being' phone calls, if I haven't been able to chat to you then the lovley people you live with have been telling me about the things you have been doing.  Please email me some photos, letters or copies of things you have been doing as I'm missing you all, as is Mrs Nixon. We both agree Nursery is so quiet without you and we miss the noisy, lively atmosphere which we love so much. 

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Class teacher – Mrs C. Murray
Nursery Nurse – Mrs M Nixon

 Welcome to Nursery video September 2020

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