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Virtual Sports Day Virtual Sports Day

As we cannot all be together Sports Day is a bit different this year. Have fun and remember to send in your results and photos by Thursday 16th 12pm and we can send out your certificates.

Transport 8th June 2020 Transport 8th June 2020

This week our learning is based around Transport. there are lots of songs you could sing such as The Wheels on the Bus, your child could add more verses with different modes of transport. There is a link to the story A Bus for Us and activities to try too. The maths this week is related to capacity so lots of lovely practical activities are here for you to try. This topic lends itself to model making with large and small boxes and also making posters about road safety Stop, Look and Listen. Please try some of the activities they really are similar to what we would be doing in school this term.

Sport - mini topic 2nd June Sport - mini topic 2nd June

This week we have a fabulous mini topic based around sports. There are lots of links to stories such as Maisys Sports Day.

The focus for Maths is positional language and again there are lots of suggestions for activities you could do with your child.

There are lots of ball games to play such as Skittles which you could make with empty plastic bottles or small soft toys.

There is a Science activity called Brilliant bodies which is based around balance, the children had just started some balance work with our PE coach so please try those out.

For the less energetic or for those who do not have a lot of physical space there are activities where you could draw or paint yourself in various sporting poses/ situations such as running, swimming etc.

Please let me know if you used any of the activities.

Week 7 activities Week 7 activities

Week 7 home learning activities

There are some lovely ideas to try this week related to different celebrations. Please take a look and discuss with your child the different occassions you celebrate at home and perhaps in your religious place of worship too.

Numbers 1 -10 Numbers 1 -10

Number song

A fun way to learn numbers 1 -10

Can you sing the song?

Can you find the number that tells us how old you are?

Can you try writing the numbers?

Can you go on a number hunt?

Can you find 1 more than any number to 10?

Alphabet song Alphabet song

Here is our favourite alphabet song

Alphabet song

Can you sing the song to someone at home?

What is the first sound in your name?

Can you write the first letter of your name?

Which other sounds are in your name?

Can you identify any other words which start with the first letter of your name?

Week 6 Home Learning Week 6 Home Learning

Week 6 has lots of different activities for you to try. Please feel free to adapt or change any of them. Once again can I remind you that if your child is not interested in the activities then please don't insist they do them.

Young children learn best through play and exploration, so whatever you choose to do ...... have fun.

Week 5  Home Learning Week 5 Home Learning

There are lots of interesting activities this week. Remember to do as much or as little as your child is interested in. Children learn lots through everyday activities, helping sort the washing into colours, pairing socks etc. Cooking with you, washing the dishes - yes it's messy and takes longer BUT there is so much learning involved. 

RE Pentecost topic RE Pentecost topic

Here are some ideas for you to do at home for our RE topic of Pentecost. 

Year of the Word May Assembly Year of the Word May Assembly

As it is the Year of the Word, we have been unable to use our Bible bags during this time. However, you can still bring the Year of the Word to your home. Please see attached a monthly assembly for the month of May which you can do with your family.

Week 4 Learning projects Week 4 Learning projects

Some fun activities for week 4 please remember you do not have to do these activities they are there if you want to use any of them. You may have some ideas of your own and it would be great to see or hear about any activities you have been doing at home.

Please email me any photos of the children playing, learning or just chilling! Also photos of any activities the children do would be great too as we will print some off for our Learning Journals and to add to our school display ....... what we did during lockdown.

Whatever you choose to do have fun together!

Learning project 1 Learning project 1

 A nice set of activities linked by the theme Under the Sea


Please remember the most important thing you can do with your children at present is to spend precious time together.