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Music at home Music at home

Have fun with music at home! This has been generated by our music providers and enables your child to access some modules of learning from home. There are also games you can play to collect coins and buy things for your avatar. Have fun!

Week 1 Learning activities for Nursery Week 1 Learning activities for Nursery

These learning packs have been collated by another primary school who have generously offered to share them with other schools. We are truly grateful for the work they have put into producing the packs.

Please choose one or two maths activities and one phonics activity this week. If you choose the Oxford Owls activity then you will need to read the stories to your child.

The learning focus this week is on families, how they are made up, different traditions and personal stories to share. Again choose one or two of the activities which interest you and your child.

If your child does not want to engage with the activities then leave them for another time. Enjoy a favourite book together, bake a cake, make a den and have an indoor picnic .... whatever you choose to do together enjoy it and have FUN.