Like to help?

New faces and new ideas are very welcome!

We’re always in need of helpers at school and the kind of things we need help with are varied, from being an extra pair of hands on class trips to getting down to some serious fundraising.

Here are just some of the ways you can help:

  • Be an extra pair of hands on school trips
  • Help organise and run events such as fairs, parents evening or book week
  • Support activities like the sponsored walk and class visits
  • Hire the school hall for an event
  • Bake or get crafty for our school fairs
  • Shop at Amazon by clicking on our Amazon button

If you shop with Amazon, could you help us? When you shop via our Amazon button, we get a small percentage of the sale. Please bookmark our school website and visit Amazon via St Catherine's!

We’d love to hear from crafty people and gardeners who would share their time and skills. Maybe your business can donate equipment to school or organise an event? Perhaps you've always wanted to sit in a bath of baked beans for a good cause?

Send us your ideas, or just let us know that you'd like to help. We don’t expect anyone to have the time to be involved in everything, but we do need more volunteers!

See the Friends of St Catherine's page to find out what they're up
to and when their next meeting is, or contact school and tell us
about any areas you are particularly keen to get involved with.

Thank you!